Richard Marvin

‘Six Feet Under’ Is Bringing the Fisher Family to Netflix in November

If you’ve been looking for the perfect blend of dark humor and family drama, we’ve got you covered, as all five seasons of Six Feet Under are coming to Netflix on Nov. 1.

The series from Oscar-winning screenwriter Alan Ball (American Beauty)first premiered on HBO in 2001 and is fondly remembered for its honest depiction of death and how to carry on with life. The show won nine Emmys over its four-year run, and the cast — which includes Peter Krause, Michael C. Hall, and Frances Conroy — received many awards nominations of their own. Known for one of the best endings in television history, Six Feet Under grapples with the themes of the American family, death, spirituality, and interpersonal relationships. 

Whether you’ve been considering a rewatch or are looking for something new to add to your queue, here’s everything you need to know about Six Feet Under.

What is Six Feet Under about?

Six Feet Under follows the Fisher family as they grieve the sudden death of their family patriarch, Nathaniel (Richard Jenkins). The Fishers are no strangers to the subject — they live in and run the Fisher & Sons Funeral Home in Los Angeles, which Nathaniel leaves to his sons Nate (Peter Krause) and David (Michael C. Hall) after his passing. Nate is at first reluctant to leave his life in Seattle to help run the family business, but ultimately his work at the funeral home helps him gain a deeper understanding of both his father and himself. 

The show also follows Fisher matriarch Ruth (Frances Conroy) as she finds her own identity following Nathaniel’s death; Claire (Lauren Ambrose), an angsty teenager and youngest child of the family who discovers her passion for the arts; and David, who comes to terms with being gay and eventually opens up to his family about his sexuality. Throughout the series, the Fishers are confronted with lessons about the complexities of life, death, and love as they navigate loss and dysfunctional family dynamics.

Who stars in Six Feet Under?

The series’ cast includes:

  • Peter Krause as Nate Fisher
  • Michael C. Hall as David Fisher
  • Lauren Ambrose as Claire Fisher
  • Frances Conroy as Ruth Fisher
  • Richard Jenkins as Nathaniel Fisher
  • Freddy Rodríguez as Federico “Rico” Diaz
  • Justina Machado as Vanessa Diaz
  • Mathew St. Patrick as Keith Charles
  • Rachel Griffiths as Brenda Chenowith
  • Jeremy Sisto as Billy Chenowith
  • Joanna Cassidy as Margaret Chenowith
  • Lili Taylor as Lisa Kimmel
  • Patricia Clarkson as Sarah O’Connor

When can I stream Six Feet Under

All five seasons of Six Feet Under will be available to stream on Netflix starting Nov. 1. It’s the latest HBO series to arrive on Netflix in recent months, following Insecure, Ballers, The Pacific, and Band of Brothers.